The beautiful change of scenery and the smell of pumpkin spice is in the air, but is your home ready for the upcoming winter? Disaster Cleanup Services is here to help you prepare your home for the colder weather that awaits us! Below are a few things you should do each fall before the cold winter has started.

Check the Exterior of Your Home

The exterior of your home is left to the elements throughout the winter. It is important that you check certain areas to ensure your home is ready for the winter. Simple checks could save you thousands of dollars in disaster cleanup.

  • Exposed Pipes

Pipes or spigots that are exposed can cause frozen pipes. Exposed pipes can cause major water damages to your home if the pipes bursts. It is important to check your pipes and ensure they are winterized. This can be achieved through insulation or by buying spigots that are meant for colder weather. A simple winterization of your pipes can save you worry from frozen or burst pipes.

  • Roofing

Ice dams are a danger during the winter. You should always check your roofing to ensure shingles are in place and no damaged. If damaged, you could end up with a leaky or damaged roof. It is also important to check your gutters and roof to ensure it is ready for the icy winter ahead. Ice dams can cause significant damages to your roofing and home. The water can leak into your roof and walls, causing major damages.

  • Trees

Tree limbs that are low or are dead should be pruned before winter. Icing and the wind may cause weak or dead limbs to break. This can cause damages to your home or even your vehicle.

Check the Interior of Your Home

The interior of your home should also be checked before winter arrives. Winter weather can cause the interior of your home to have major damages.

  • Attics

A leaky attic or one that is not insulated can cause water damages, as well as higher electric bills. It is important that you look over your attic each fall. Any damages should be handled before winter arrives.

  • Basement

Basements are overlooked because you usually don’t need to go down there. Basements are known for water damages. Checking your basement before winter gives you an advantage. You will be able to see if you have any leaks or if you need to insulate any pipes.

  • Windows and Doors

Windows and doors should be checked to ensure they are sealed properly. If they are not, it can cause snow or rain to enter your home. It will also cause your home to be colder than normal. Make sure all drafts are contained by sealing your windows and doors.

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