Top 5 Things To Do Immediately when Fire Strikes!

Once you experience a fire, your never look at life the same way again. A fire can destroy your life and the precious things you hold dear. However, many times a professional disaster cleanup service is able to help you through the tough and stressful times and save many of your belongings as well as your home if the damage is not too severe.

  • Call 911.

The first thing you should do when a fire breaks out is to call 911. You need the fire department out quickly to put the fire out and ensure the area is safe.

  • Ensure all of your loved ones are out of the house.

It is important to make sure all loved ones as well as your pets are out of the home. Their safety is important. A firefighter will aid in this as well.

  • Do not touch anything.

This is a very important part that shouldn’t be left out. Pictures will need to be taken for your insurance company. We are able to assist you in this and will be happy to help you with our expertise on the subject.

  • Call a Disaster Cleanup Service Company

When you call a professional they will advise you not to touch anything. This is important because pictures will need to be taken for your insurance company. A good disaster cleanup service will help you with filing claims and getting in contact with your insurance company. We know how stressful this is for you.

  • Let the Disaster Cleanup Service Company work their magic.

When dealing with fire damage the road to recovery is a long one. It takes a lot of time to rid your home of the smoke and ashes that occur from a fire. Smoke will even travel to other areas of a home that was not touched by the fire. The smoke will leave a horrible odor and discoloration. You can count on Disaster Cleanup Services to help you with all your fire restoration needs! Give us a call today!

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