A fire can happen at any time. However, during the cooler months, fires in homes become more common. What are some ways to help prevent them? Disaster Cleanup Services is here to help you prevent residential fires. We are here if you need fire restoration, but we would much rather save you from experiencing a fire. 

  • Check Fire Alarms and Fire Extinguishers

You should check your fire extinguishers and alarms regularly, but before each season, it is especially crucial. Cooler weather means starting your furnace, using your fireplace, and hanging holiday lights. These are contributing factors that can result in blazes.

  • Make Sure Lights are Not Frayed or Damaged

Before hanging any type of lighting, make sure the cords aren’t frayed or damaged. Damaged wires can cause a major fire. Especially if you leave your lights on when not home or while sleeping. If you have damaged wires, throw the lights away. 

  • Never Leave Your Stove Unattended

With so many holidays coming up, it is no surprise that fires are more likely. With family and friends at your home, it is easy to become distracted. Leaving your stovetop on is an easy way for a fire to start. Fires spread quickly, so it is important to never leave cooking food unattended. 

  • Fireplaces Should Have A Safety Barrier

All fireplaces should have a safety barrier, to ensure no logs can fall out and start a fire. If you use your fireplace on a regular basis, make sure it is in proper working order. A damaged stone or a loose door or barrier can cause devastating damages to your home. 

  • Check Your Furnace

Before starting your furnace up for the winter, it is important to have it serviced. This way, you will know if something is faulty. A faulty furnace can start a fire and cause major damages. 

Above are a few of the more common fire starters in your home. Simply being aware can save you from having a damaging fire in your home. If you do have a fire that damages your home, call Disaster Cleanup Services. They offer complete fire damage restoration and cleanup.

January 19, 2018

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A fire can happen at any time. However, during the cooler months, fires in homes become more common. What are some ways to help prevent them? […]
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A fire can happen at any time. However, during the cooler months, fires in homes become more common. What are some ways to help prevent them? […]
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