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No one really thinks about the snow outside causing mold to the exterior of your home or business. Ice dams have been known to cause mold. Ice dams are formed when snow accumulates on the edge of your home or business. It then melts and becomes trapped. This makes the ice dam larger as the newly melted snow has no place to go. Ice dams can cause the melted water to seep into your attic, insulation, and roof. If this is not caught immediately, there is a large chance that mold has formed, and that you are in danger from exposure to mold spores. As they can travel through your vents to other areas of your home and continue to breed.

How is Mold Caused by Ice Dams?

Mold thrives on moisture and dark spaces. As the ice dam leaks into your home, the first places it reaches is usually damp and dark. This is the perfect breeding place for mold. Mold also loves wallpaper, ceiling tiles, drywall, wood, and other times in your home. As the mold grows, it will begin to spread to other areas. Once this happens, the integrity of your structure is compromised.

How to Prevent Ice Dams?

  • Make sure you have the right kind of ventilation in your attic. 
  • Keep your Gutters Clean 
  • Make sure your Ductwork is Insulated and Sealed
  • Make sure Your Home is Sealed- Small Cracks can cause major ice dams and other Damages
  • Make Sure your Bathroom Exhaust is Insulated and Vented Properly

What do I do if I have Attic Condensation?

  • Check Attic for Mold Stains
  • Check all Light Fixtures and other Fixtures for Gaps.
  • your Drywall is Finished and that it is Sealed Properly
  • Look for any Types of Stains on your Floor, Carpet, Plywood, Wet Insulation, and Ceiling.

These are some simple tips that will keep you from needing a disaster cleanup service. Mold can cause major damages to your home and your health. It is very important that you have any stains checked for mold. If you think you have a mold problem, call a disaster cleanup service immediately. A professional should always remove mold, as it is very dangerous to your health and it is very important that all of the mold is removed before you enter the area.

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