Summer Home Prep Avoids Disasters
July 23, 2015
What To Do If You Experience a Flooded Home
August 12, 2015

With all of the recent rain, it is important that you review your flood safety plan with your family. Floods are not common, but with all of the rain, river and lake levels are rising. It is important that you and your family know what to do in case your home does flood. Below are just a few things to help you make your plan.

  • Follow Your Local Weather News

The news is your number one source for all weather and local news. Follow weather systems and your rivers and lakes so that you know if a flood warning is imminent. This way you will know that you should be on the lookout and that you are not caught by surprise.

  • Where To Meet

When developing a flood plan, make sure you know where to meet and who should be checking up on who. This way everyone can remain calm and get to a safe place. Plan it down the smallest detail of who is going to get the family pets. It is also important to have flood drills so that younger children will know what to do in case of a flood.

  • Pack a Flood Bag

By packing an emergency bag, you will have things that you could possibly need if your home flood. It should contain basic items like flashlights, first aid kits, and blankets. Tailor this bag to fit the needs of your family and designate a person to grab the bag. This person should be an adult in the family.

  • Who Do You Call?

If a flood does strike your home knowing who to call is very important. Call a professional cleanup service like Disaster Cleanup Services. A disaster cleanup service will be there to help you through your flooding crisis and ensure your home is taken care of in a fast and safe manner. We will begin pumping the water from your home and begin our water damage restoration process. We will also help you with your insurance claims.