Fire Safety Checklists That Could Prevent A Fire In Your Home

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Fires are just one of many home disasters that can occur, but it is indeed one of the worst. Fires can rip through homes, causing severe fire damage and ruining items you hold near and dear. While some fires are unavoidable, you can take steps to prevent fires from occurring.

Check Appliances and Wires In Your Home

Older and faulty appliances are a common reason for home fires. Checking your appliances regularly can ensure any problems are caught before a fire starts. Dishwashers, HVAC systems, dryers, and Water Heaters are some of the main appliances that start fires. You should also check plugs and wires in your home. If you see any frayed or damaged wiring, it should be replaced or repaired as soon as possible.

Fire Extinguishers

Having fire extinguishers in your home is a smart choice. Everyone must know where the fire extinguishers are located and how to operate them correctly. You should check your fire extinguishers regularly to ensure they are charged and ready for use.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms should be tested and have their batteries changed every few months. Fire alarms are one of the simplest ways to ensure your family remains safe during a fire. Take the time to check your fire alarms at the start of each season.

Fire Evacuation Plans

Each home should have a fire evacuation plan. This plan should be practiced with everyone in the home. Practicing at different times of the day and night can ensure everyone knows exactly what to do in the event a fire occurs. Your fire evacuation plan should have a way for each family member to safely exit the home and where you should meet after exiting.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Some homes have fire sprinkler systems installed. These systems can be a lifesaver. They are meant to put out a fire if one starts inside your home. Fire sprinkler systems are a great way to ensure your home is protected from fires. Some fire suppression systems will even alert the fire department if a fire starts.

If a fire does happen, Disaster Cleanup Services is here for all of your fire cleanup and fire remediation needs!