Flooded Basements – Water Restoration Options!

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Basements can be a great place to store items, but it is also a common place for flooding and water damages. Most homes have a basement, and many homeowners have experienced the dreaded flooded basement. Basements can flood for a variety of reasons, but the outcome is always the same – Water Damages. Once the water has flooded your basement, what can you do? Below, we will discuss water restoration options and ways to ensure your basement does not flood in the future.

Water Removal

Water usually enters your basement through rain or snow, a burst pipe, or a faulty appliance. Once this happens, you will need to have a certified water restoration company come in and remove the water. Water removal may seem like an easy process, but it is actually more in-depth than you think. Once the water is pumped out of the basement, the area will need to be thoroughly dried.

Water Restoration

Drying a basement can take some time, as high-powered fans will be used to ensure all water is fully dried. Once the area is dried, equipment will be used to check for water beneath floors in walls. If any water is left in those areas, it can cause mold growth ad structural rot – 2 things you do not want to deal with. Once all the water has been dried, and the area checked, restoration can begin. This is the process where damaged materials are removed and replaced. If the flooding is caught quickly, you will likely not have a lot of damages.

How Can I Prevent Flooding in My Basement?

Installing a sump pump is a smart idea. These pumps are installed in a way that they will pump any water that enters your basement. A sump pump can save you a lot of money in water damages. You should also check your basement regularly to ensure it is not flooded and that everything is working as it should. Many forget to check basements and attics when doing their maintenance and home checks.