Frozen Pipes and Water Damages

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Colder weather in Denver always leads to home damages. However, the most common winter home disaster is water damages. Water damages are usually caused by frozen pipes that were overlooked or either not taken seriously. If you notice a frozen pipe, it is vital that you call a professional to ensure they are thawed safely. If you wait to see if they will thaw, the pipe could burst, sending water all over your property. This can cause major water damages that will require a professional to clean-up the water. While frozen pipes aren’t the only cause of winter water damage, we see it as one of the messier water disasters.

Water Damages in Denver Metro

Water is sneaky because it will easily slip beneath the carpets and floors or behind your walls, where it will sit, causing structural damages such as rot. Mold growth is also a major concern if you have water damages. The best way to deal with water damages is by calling a professional like Disaster Cleanup Services. Our team not only has the tools but the knowledge to remove all water from your property. We do this by using large pumps and fans to ensure all water is dried and removed from the property. Once removed, we will clean the area with sanitizing sprays. This will ensure mold does not grow inside your home.

If you experience water damage from frozen pipes in Denver or have mold growth or structural damages, call a professional as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the worse the damages can become. Water damages can spread very quickly and cause structural damages in many areas of your home. Our team can ensure the water is removed, mold remediation is completed, and that the area is safe to live in.