Winter Storm Damage Prevention
January 4, 2018
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January 19, 2018

Water can create catastrophic damages within minutes. People are never truly prepared for water damages to their home. It happens quickly, and you become overwhelmed. Disaster Cleanup Services has some information about our number one winter water damage call and the easiest ways to prevent it. Below we will discuss frozen pipes and what you can do to prevent water damages. 

  • Call a Disaster Cleanup Company

If you have frozen pipes, it is important that you call a disaster cleanup company as soon as possible. If you wait for the pipes to thaw, you could end up with water everywhere. Disaster cleanup companies have the proper equipment to safely thaw your pipes and repair them if necessary. 

  • Before Extremely Low Temps Check your Pipes

If there is a major Winter Storm headed your way, it is crucial that you check your exterior pipes. Most pipes are covered, but if you have some that are unprotected, you will need to cover and insulate them. You don’t want an exposed exterior pipe to burst. You may not find out for a few days and could have major water damages and sewage problems. 

  • Keep your Thermostat Set

If you are traveling out of town this Winter, you should make sure to set your thermostat. If the temps get too cold outside and you have no inside heat, your pipes could freeze. With no one at home, you could experience severe damages and loss. The easiest way to ensure your pipes do not become frozen is by setting your thermostat to a reasonable temperature. 

If you do experience frozen or burst pipes, give your local disaster cleanup service a call immediately. They have the proper equipment to remove the water quickly and start the water damage restoration process. If caught soon enough, they will likely be able to return your home to its original shape and save your precious items.