Preparing Your Home for the Holidays
November 9, 2015
Winter Weather and Your Roof
December 8, 2015

During the fall and winter months frozen pipes can become a large issue. If you do not winterize your home properly or if you do not notice the pipes are freezing, you may end up with a flooded home or basement. A frozen pipe can disrupt your entire life and cause massive damage to a home. It is important to understand what to do to prevent frozen pipes and what you should do if you happen to have one.

  • Check Unprotected Pipes

By insulating pipes that are exposed, you have a larger chance of not having any frozen pipes. Most pipes in your walls are insulated and get some heat from your home. Your exterior pipes need protection. There are many different ways to insulate your pipes and your local hardware store should have everything you need.

  • Leave your Heat on 

It is important to leave your heat on a low setting even if you are not home. This will ensure your pipes and home are being heated. This will protect your pipes from becoming frozen.

  • Let Water Run from Exposed Pipes

By running a small amount of water through your pipes you can make sure they will not freeze. This is usually done for exterior pipes and when the temperatures get very low.

  • If you Have a Frozen Pipe

Turn off the water to your home and call a professional such as Disaster Cleanup Services. Professionals will be able to easily repair your frozen or broken pipes and not cause any additional water damage.

If water damage has occurred to your home, we offer water extraction and water restoration cleanup services.  Give a disaster cleanup company a call before doing anything else. We will be able to help you with insurance claims and provide a safe environment while we remove the water and clean up the area.