You Had Frozen Pipes And Now They Have Burst! What To Do?!

What To Do If You End Up With Frozen Pipes
January 2, 2015
Answers To The Top 5 Questions About A Flooded Home
January 21, 2015

Maybe you went on holiday and forgot to leave your heat on? You may have even thought winterizing wasn’t a big deal.  No need to look back now, you have broken pipes thanks to freezing. Disaster Cleanup Services is able to help with all your needs during a time like this. It is important to always call a professional when you have broken pipes.

  • Turn off your main water valve immediately. 

This is the first step you should take no matter what the conditions are. You do not want any more water coming in to your home. The more water you have, the more damage will occur.

  • Make sure to turn off your hot water heater valve. 

You do not want hot water coming from your hot water tank in to your home. This can damage the tank as well as cause more damage to your home and the surrounding pipes.

  • If you have a pipe that is frozen, but also broken, leave it. 

Do not try to unthaw the pipe anymore. This will result in even more water damage to your home. It is time to call a professional.

  • Call a disaster cleanup service. 

A disaster cleanup service will be able to come in quickly and assess the situation. They also have the proper equipment to deal with any flooding that has occurred. A good disaster cleanup service will be able to dry out your home as well as save many of your precious items that may have gotten wet in the flood. Most will even call your insurance company for you to file the claim.

  • Take Inventory

Always take inventory of your things. If something is damaged take pictures as well as document it. You will need this for your insurance claims. This will help the process go a lot smoother.

  • Make sure that you winterize your home!

You already have damage that will cost you a great deal of money, but it is never too late to winterize your home the proper way. You could end up with even more frozen pipes if you don’t. Play it safe! Insulate your pipes!