Should I Remove the Debris from my Home After a Disaster?

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September 16, 2016
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September 30, 2016

After a disaster, your mind is a whirlwind. You have a huge mess on your hands and your family to take care of. What do you do? In your time of need, call a professional disaster cleanup company. Disaster Cleanup Services offers complete debris removal and restoration of your home or business. When you have a disaster, you should leave clean up to the professionals. They have the proper equipment to ensure safe removal. Most people wonder if they should clean the area before calling someone. The easy answer is, No.

Should I Start Cleaning Up Debris Myself?

No! It is important to call a disaster cleanup company. They understand how to file insurance claims and know what types of information is needed. By cleaning the area, you could affect your insurance claims. You could also put yourself in danger. Structures could be unsafe and they could have bacteria. The unaided eye may not see the dangers. Professionals have many different types of equipment to guide them in safely removing debris and restoring your home.

Why Call a Professional?

A professional disaster cleanup service has the right equipment and are licensed and certified. They will be able to handle the insurance claims and safely clean your home or office. They have the right equipment and suits needed for protection. Many times debris can contain bacteria and other viruses that are hazardous to your health.

What if the Disaster was Small?

It doesn’t matter if you had a small leak or a large fire, it is important that you do not touch any of the damages. Your insurance claims may not be valid if you try to clean the area yourself. Disaster cleanup professionals know the ins and outs of disaster cleanup and will be able to handle it properly. Even after the debris is removed, the area needs to be cleaned. We use specialized cleansing and deodorizing agents to ensure that the area is safe for you. If not cleaned with the right chemicals, your home or business could have mold and other bacteria.