Snow and Ice- The Damages It Can Cause To Your Property!

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Winter weather can be quite harsh on us, but it can also wreak havoc on our homes. Snow and ice are not only heavy, but they can cause extensive damages to your property. From water damages to structural damages and personal injuries, snow and ice can be hazardous.

Damages From Snow and Ice

Snow is a normal part of our winter, and it can be beautiful, but underneath that beautiful blanket of snow can be significant damages.

Water Damages To Attics and Basements

As snow and ice melt with the fluctuation of temps outdoors and in your home, it can cause flooding to occur. Ice and snowmelt can cause roofs to become damaged, which leads to water entering your attic and seeping between walls. As the snow melts outside, it can cause basements to become flooded. If your sump pumps are not functioning properly, they can cause standing water in your basement. Water in your basement and attic can cause a lot of problems because of the lack of visibility. We do not enter these areas often, which can lead to water sitting for weeks. This causes rot and eventually mold to occur.

Ice Dams

Ice dams commonly occur as the temperatures fluctuate. Ice dams can cause leaks in your roof and around your gutter. This water is dangerous because it can enter between your walls and may not be found for weeks or even months, usually when mold stains appear.

Heavy Snow and Roof Problems

Heavy snowfall can cause damage to the structure of your roof. Your roof is built to be strong, but it can become weakened over time. The heavier weight of snow can cause damages to your gutters, roof, and shingles.

It is best to be vigilant and check your roof, attic, and basement regularly during the colder months. This will ensure that your property is safe from any water damages. Water damages often lead to many more disasters like rotting and mold. Mold can cause severe allergies and other illnesses. If you notice any water or mold stains, contact a professional disaster clean-up company as soon as possible for water and mold remediation services.