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March 12, 2020
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March 25, 2020
Spacious basement room

Basements are an area of concern when it comes to water damages. Basements are one of the most commonly ignored areas of homes. With no reason to enter the basement, people forget about checking it regularly. Basements can not only have water damages but sewage problems in certain situations. If you have a basement, be sure to check it often for any damages.

Water Damages

Snowmelt causes an excess of water in and around your property. This extra water is a major concern, as it can cause water damages inside your basement as well as around your home. If your basement is not checked, the water will sit in your basement. Once water sits for too long, it begins to cause significant damages to the structure. Rot will begin to occur, and mold will start to grow and cause mold stains. Mold multiplies and can cause mold damages throughout your home. As the snow begins to melt, regularly check your basement. If you have a sump pump for excess water, ensure it is working correctly.


Snowmelt is also a common cause for sewage in and around your basement. As the snow begins to melt, it has nowhere to run off, so it can back up into your sewage and cause a major disaster. Sewage is known to contain dangerous bacteria and viruses that will make you ill. As the snow melts, take the time to check around your property and in your basement to ensure it is not flooded with water or sewage.

If your basement does fall victim to water damages or sewage, contact a disaster cleanup company. They have the proper tools to ensure safe sewage and water removal from your property! Check your basement today to ensure no sewage, mold, or water damage disasters happen this Spring!