Water Damages and Wet Carpet – The Dangers

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Water is powerful and can cause devastating damages to your home. Flooding, broken pipes, storm damages, or faulty appliances can turn a regular day into quite the mess. What do you do if you have water damages and carpet that is soaked? Wet carpet must be handled differently because of the way it absorbs water. Dirty water can create an even more significant problem. The team at Disaster Cleanup Services is here to give you a few tips and tricks to prevent mold, rot or structural damages from wet carpets.

Call a Disaster Cleanup Professional

Calling a disaster cleanup professional should be your first order of business. Wet carpets and water damages only get worse over time. If you want to salvage your items, call a water damage professional as soon as possible.

Lift Curtains, Remove Furniture, and Rugs

Remove furniture and other items so that the water does not damage them. It is also a good idea to remove rugs and lift curtains to save them from water damages.

Why Call a Certified Water Damage Professional?

You may think it is simple to extract water and dry your carpet. This is as far from the truth as you can get. Water can seep between walls and under carpets and floors. The water is not seen but is still there causing damages to your home. A professional water damage cleanup team has the proper tools for water extraction and drying. They also have infrared technology to spot water that cannot be seen. This handy tool can save you tons of money later on from structural damages and mold. Disaster Cleanup Services also use special cleaning agents to ensure no mold spores will form. This is crucial to the success of your water damage restoration. Water damage professionals are also able to save your furniture and some documents if caught early enough.
Be smart! If you have a water disaster and wet carpets, it is crucial to call a professional water damage restoration company! They will be able to complete water extraction, water damage restoration on your property, and handle insurance claims.