When Should I Call for Mold Cleanup?

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February 5, 2016
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February 19, 2016

Have you recently discovered mold in your home? It is important to take swift action to rid the area of all mold. Mold is very damaging to the surfaces of your home and it will grow and spread over time. This is a major health concern for both humans and pets. Prolonged exposure can lead to many healthy issues such as respiratory problems, allergies, cancer, and even death.

Small amounts of mold are common and can be handled by the homeowner by using certain mold removal techniques. If the area is large, it is important to call a mold removal and restoration company such as Disaster Cleanup Services. If is important to remember as a home or business owner, that finding a certified professional is important to remove the mold.

  • There are several things to remember when dealing with mold. 
  • Mold only grows and spreads in damp, dark areas. 
  • Molds spores are always present in your home and outdoors. This is not a major concern unless it begins spreading through the HVAC system and to other areas of the home. 
  • The longer mold stays in an area, the more damage it does to the area.
  • As soon as you discover the mold, have a professional come out to determine the best route of removal. 
  • Since mold causes severe health problems, it is important to not go into that area. Remove all children and pets from the area. 
  • After mold is removed, it is important to ensure you handle whatever has caused the moisture. The mold will continue to grow if you do not find the source of the moisture or water leak.

Luckily mold infestation can be cleaned by a professional and you can go on living a healthy mold free life. Disaster Cleanup Services offers complete mold removal and mold remediation services and is certified for all your disaster cleanup needs.