Water leaking from broken pipe
Preventing Frozen Pipes This Winter
November 21, 2018
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Holiday Lighting and Fire Safety
December 6, 2018

Winter is right around the corner, and colder weather is already upon us. Have you completed your winter home safety checklist yet? If not, a minor problem could turn into a giant disaster. Below are some tips to ensure your home stays safe from disasters this winter.

Check for Exposed Pipes

Exposed pipes can cause you major water damages. Exposed pipes should be insulated before the hard winter hits, as the pipes can become frozen and burst. This can set you back thousands of dollars in water damages, mold, and structural problems due to rot.

Check Your Roof

Missing shingles can cause major problems during the winter. Snow is heavy, and if there are damages to your roof, it can cause damages that could result in water and structural damages. It is also important to look at your gutters. A clogged or broken gutter can cause ice dams to form. Ice dams can cause leaking from your roof and into your walls.

Check your Attic and Basement

You should check your basement and attic at the change of seasons. These areas are prone to water damages and can be easily avoided if checked regularly. Make sure to include attic and basement checks during your regular maintenance. It could save you much money!

Check your Fire Alarms and Extinguishers

Fire alarms and extinguishers should be checked regularly to ensure they are in proper working order. A faulty fire alarm could put you and your family at risk. It is also vital to know where the fire extinguishers are located and how to use them properly.

Check Holiday Lighting for Damages

Holiday lighting is beautiful, but over time damages can occur to your decorations. Proper holiday lighting safety is crucial in preventing potential property damages. Before you begin decorating, take the time to check each item for frayed wires. Frayed wires are a fire accident waiting to happen. It is also essential to ensure you are using the proper extension cords for outdoors. Indoor extension cords can cause fires if they get wet.

By following the above checklists, you should have a disaster-free winter. If you do experience a disaster, know that Disaster Cleanup Services is here for all your disaster cleanup needs.