Winter Storms Can Bring Major Damages To Your Property!

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Winter is in full swing, and so are the winter storms that come with it. We have seen a lot of storms this year, some more severe than others. While we all love the beauty of the snow, the storms can, unfortunately, cause some devastating damages to your property. Below, Disaster Cleanup Services will talk about a few damages that winter storms are likely to cause.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are common after a severe winter storm. If you notice your water pressure is non-existent or low, you could have frozen pipes. Frozen pipes often burst, causing significant water damage to your property. You never want to wait for your frozen pipes to thaw. Call a professional for safe thawing.

Ice Dams

Ice dams can occur after severe weather. When the ice thaws and then refreezes, it turns into a sheet of ice. If this happens repeatedly, it can turn into a large ice dam. Ice dams are notorious for causing water damages to your home. They allow water to leak into your attic and through the seams of your roof, by your gutter. This is water damages that you won’t see, as it is between your walls. Once this occurs, you will likely have mold growth and structural rot. Keep an eye on any large sheets of ice on your roof.

Basement and Attic Flooding

After a significant snowstorm, you are left with a lot of snow that must eventually melt. Where does the snow melt go? It can often find its way into your attic and basement. Once there, it will sit until you find it. If you do not check your basement and attic regularly, it could cause significant damages.

If you find yourself with water damages, you must call a disaster cleanup company for water removal and water damage restoration services!