Exterior Home Prep for Winter!

Winter Interior Home Prep!
October 20, 2017
Cooler Weather and Fires
November 1, 2017

The interior of your home isn’t the only place you need to winterize. The exterior of your home takes the brunt of the winter weather.  It is important that you check your exterior for certain problems. Below, Disaster Cleanup Services will give you some tips on what to look for when it comes to protecting the exterior of your home. 

  • Check for Dead Limbs

Dead or low limbs can be a disaster during a severe storm. They can break off and damage your roof or windows, causing water to pour into your home. If you have dead limbs, make sure they are removed before winter hits. 

  • Check for Exposed Pipes

Exposed pipe during the winter is a big NO NO! A frozen pipe can cause major damages to your home. If the frozen pipe bursts, it can flood your home in a matter of minutes. Play it safe, and make sure any exposed pipes are insulated for the cold Winter!

  • Check your Drainage Areas

Drainage areas around your home should be cleared of debris before Winter. If they become clogged, melted snow can cause a flood around your home. This water could seep into your basement and lower floor of your home. 

  • Check Your Roof

Missing shingles is the number one cause of roof leaks. Shingles can break easily with the wind. This can cause leaking in your attic or top floor of your home. To avoid water damages, check to ensure your shingles are all in place. 

  • Check Siding and Windows 

Surprisingly, windows and siding can lead to interior damages. If you have damaged siding, water can enter your home. This can lead to water damage, structural problems, and even mold. Check that your windows are secure, as to not let water or cold air inside your home. 

If you follow the above tips, you should be set for a safe Fall and Winter! However, if you do have any damages, contact Disaster Cleanup Services for quick and affordable cleanup options.