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If your home or business has had any type of flood or water damage and you have not done a proper job with the water damage extraction, then there is a good chance you have mold growth in your walls, carpet, ceiling or A/C system. Sometimes mold is a result of damp areas throughout your residence or workplace such as sinks, outside faucets, household appliances, and bathrooms that may have had a leak without your knowledge.

Affordable Water Damage Cleanup has many years of experience in mold inspection, removal, and mold cleanup in the Centennial area. Affordable Water Damage Cleanup serves residential and commercial mold remediation services from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, including the entire Denver Metro area & Centennial. Click here to see all of cities that we currently service. We work with all major insurance companies. Our mold removal experts can inspect and test for any kind of mold out there. We can determine the best plan of action for the mold remediation processes.

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Because houses are being built more efficiently to help reduce heating and cooling costs they do not allow fresh air to circulate in and out of the building and therefore have a tendency to trap moisture inside the home. This moisture can lead to active mold growth, especially if some type of water loss occurs inside the home.

Mold damage found in home in ColoradoHow Can Mold Make Me Sick?

Mold can produce a variety of side effects in individuals. Long term exposure to certain types of molds, particularly what is commonly called black mold, has been linked to some very serious health problems. Typically these are broken down into two groups’ 1.Short term and 2.Long term. Symptoms of mold exposure can include, but are not limited to, dry eyes, runny nose, headaches, nausea, breathing difficulty, asthma, higher susceptibility to respiratory infections i.e. pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, learning disabilities, mental deficiencies, heart problems, cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, lupus, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and bleeding lungs. Mold by itself typically isn’t dangerous; however the byproducts that mold produces are very dangerous. These include mycotoxins and spores.

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