Mold Remediation- Why Should a Professional Remove Mold?

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August 18, 2017
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September 2, 2017

Mold will form anywhere, but it normally breeds in dark and damp areas. Mold will also make you ill. Once you see it growing, it is already spreading throughout your home. This means your entire household could be harboring spores. Exposure to these organisms causes many different illnesses, but the most common are allergy and flu-like symptoms. If you have on-going symptoms that never go away, seek medical attention and call a professional mold remediation company, such as Colorado Disaster Cleanup Services. You should never remove this hazardous material yourself. Mold remediation companies have the proper licenses and equipment to ensure the job is completed in a safe manner.

If I See the Mold, it Shouldn’t be Hard to Remove, Right?

Wrong! Mold is inside your walls, under your floor, and even in crawl spaces. The visible portion is just tip of the iceberg. Once you see the it, it is everywhere. Even if you remove the mold you see, it can still be breeding and spreading throughout your home. You also must repair the problem that allowed it to spread initially. Mold normally grows from an area where water damages have occurred. This could be from a flood, plumbing problems, or a small leak. 

Mold Remediation Process

The actual process of removing mold is called mold remediation. During this process, certified mold removal specialists will perform a thorough inspection and find the source of the growth. From there the source will be repaired, and all mold will be removed. Mold loves to multiply and could be all over your home. A specialist will check your entire home for mold and ensure it is all removed before allowing you to re-enter. There number one goal is your safety. It is very important that you never try to remove mold. You will not only expose yourself, but you could harm those around you.