Odor Elimination After a Disaster

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June 8, 2017
Attics and Water Damages
June 30, 2017

One of the main questions we are asked is, “How do I get rid of the odor after a fire or water damage?” The answer is complicated. Fire and water damages cause the most odor. You should never let the odor sit after a disaster. It is important to call a company such as Disaster Cleanup Services immediately to assess the damages. The disaster professionals will not only handle the damages, but they will also control the odors that are left behind. 

Fire Odors

Fires cause soot and smoke to move throughout your home or business. A small-contained fire will still cause odors in other rooms. The odors will become trapped in walls, floors, curtains, and furniture. One can mask the smells with over-the-counter deodorizing detergents. However, once the area heats up (during the winter) or on a warm day, the smells will return. Professional disaster cleanup companies have specialized cleansing agents and deodorizers that remove the odor from your items. 

Water Damage Odors

Standing water has a distinct smell. There is no way to mask it. If you have standing water, professionals should remove it quickly. Once the water is removed, they will dry the area and begin cleaning. The cleansing agents used for water is different from other types, as it also takes care of any mold or bacterial growth. They will then use a special deodorizer to ensure your home or business smells great. 

It is important if you have a disaster to have professionals clean the area and remove the odors for you. If not, you could end up spending hundreds of dollars just to mask a smell that will continue to reoccur. It is a lot easier and safer for everyone involved to have a certified disaster cleanup company to clean your home or business after a disaster. They will ensure it is 100% safe to re-enter and will handle all of your insurance claims.