What a Certified Disaster Cleanup Emergency Service Can Do For You!
June 1, 2018
Should I Be Concerned About New Water Stains?
June 11, 2018

Warmer weather means it is time for vacations, family, and friends. Storms are also a regular occurrence during the warmer months. Severe storms can cause major damages to your home. Wind and hail are the main culprits, but flash flooding is also a real danger. Disaster Cleanup Services is here to help you determine if you have storm damages and what you should do.

  • Check your Property for any Debris

This is the first thing you should do after a severe storm. Are there any shingles missing? Has any trees or limbs fallen? If you notice any debris, there is a chance your home may been damaged.

  • Check the Exterior of your Home

Walk around your home and see if you have any visible damages. This could be tree limbs or hail that has damaged your roof. If you see damages, it is important to call a disaster cleanup company.

  • Never Get on your Roof

The worst thing you can do, is get on top of your roof. If the area is weakened, you could fall through your roof causing more damages to your home and injuries to yourself. Have a professional check your roof. Most companies will do a free roof assessment for you. Safety first!

  • Check for Downed Power Lines

If you have any electrical lines down, call your electric company immediately. It is important to stay in your home and away from the lines, as they could still be carrying power.

  • Check the Interior of your Home

Check the interior of your home. You could have flooding in your basement or leaks in your attic.

These problems could turn into a severe problem if not handled immediately.
Above are just a few things to look for after a severe storm. If you do experience a storm, relax and call a disaster cleanup service. They will be able to handle all damages and clean the area for you. Never try to fix a water stain or remove mold yourself. It is dangerous and could make problems worse.