Warm Weather Disasters and Your Home

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May 14, 2018
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June 1, 2018

Warmer weather is a great time for family and friends. However, warmer weather is also a time for certain home disasters. Disaster Cleanup Services is here to let you know what you should look for and do. Below we will discuss five types of disasters.


Flooding during the summer is very common. Storms, water hoses, pools, and other water toys can cause flooding in your home. It is important to check your home regularly for any signs of flooding. It is also important to check for leaks inside your home. If not caught in time, it can cause structural damages and mold. These are both hazardous to your health.


Warmer weather means more storms. These storms can be more severe. With severe storms come wind and hail. This can lead to roof and home damages. It can also lead to flooding. If you are having a disaster because of storms, it is important to call a certified disaster cleanup service.


Fires happen the most during the warmer months. There are many scenarios that can cause fires. From grilling to cooking while entertaining, it is important to have a fire plan and fire extinguishers that work. Be aware of this while spending time with family and friends.


Pests are more common during warmer months. If not handled properly, pests can take over your home and cause damages. Stop pests before they start by doing proper maintenance. Make sure you are aware of the types of pests and what you need to do to prevent them.


With storms and flooding comes mold. If you have a water disaster, even a small one, it could cause mold. Mold can breed quickly and take over your entire home. If you have a water disaster, contact a disaster cleanup service immediately. They will be able to handle the water and ensure you do not get mold. If you do have mold, they will be able to remove and offer remediation of the area.