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September 7, 2018
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September 17, 2018
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Sewage problems can stem from many different situations. However, they all have the same thing in common, dangerous waste. If you have a sewage disaster, it is crucial that you call a disaster cleanup company to clean up the mess. Sewage in all forms is hazardous to your health and under the right circumstances can make you very ill, find out why. Below we will discuss the different forms of sewage problems that can plague your home or business.


Flooding can cause significant problems including water damages, but it can also cause sewage on your property. If flooding affects your sewage pipes, it is important to keep your family and pets away from the sewage and water surrounding the area. Sewage can contain viruses and bacteria that are harmful to everyone. Call a disaster cleanup company as soon as possible.


Backflow can occur for a variety of reasons. It could be from a toy that is stuck in your pipes or a root that has grown and blocked the pipe. If you have sewage backflow inside your home or business, it is necessary to close that area off from everyone and call a professional. Cleaning up sewage inside your home is dangerous and can make everyone ill.

Broken Pipes

Broken pipes can cause sewage to leak inside and outside your property. This can cause a major sewage disaster. With the mess and smell comes the dangers of the sewage. Never try to clean this up on your own. A certified professional has the proper tools, equipment, and suits to remove and dispose of the sewage.

Septic Tank Problems

Septic tanks can have a mind of their own. If your septic tank is overfull or blocked, it can cause sewage to enter your home and property. This is the most dangerous type of sewage and can have a host of diseases, bacteria, and viruses. If this happens on your property, it is important to leave the area and call a disaster cleanup professional.
Sewage is never pleasant, but let us ease your mind by providing safe cleanup and disposal of the sewage from your property. Our team is fully licensed and insured to give you the best in sewage cleanup services.