Carpet Cleanup Services- When a Disaster Hits

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February 19, 2016
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March 4, 2016

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Disasters happen more often than you think.  Broken pipes, flooding, fire, and even sewage can turn your once beautiful carpet into a water-logged, reeking, and stained mess. Will you have to rip up your beautiful carpet? Is there a way to save it? Can it be restored back to its original look? These are all questions that will run through your mind when you have a disaster that has affected your carpeting. A disaster cleanup company is the first person you should call when it comes to carpet cleaning and restoration.

A disaster cleanup company can do the following for your carpets:

  • Pump out all the water covering your carpet and other items.
  • Use high powered fans to ensure your carpet is 100% dry. If it isn’t, mold and structural damage will occur. With the use of special equipment, we will ensure your carpet and under your floors are 100% dry. We can also check the areas between your walls and other surfaces.
  • Use specialized cleansing agents to ensure any water, mold, soot, or other stains are removed. 
  • Use specialized deodorizing agents, so that your home will smell fresh and clean after a disaster. These deodorizers also rid your carpets of any mold or other dangerous bacteria.
  • If you need new carpet, a disaster cleanup company can help with insurance company claims. 

These are just some of the great things a disaster cleanup service can do for you and your carpets. Most times your carpet can be saved and returned to its original state. We also do the same for rugs, curtains, and furniture. Many people do not realize that there are services to restore their homes or businesses back to their pre-disaster state. We work hard to ensure your home or businesses carpets and other items are our number one priority. Most times, a certified disaster cleanup specialist, will easily clean your carpets and save you the money that you will spend on all new carpets and other items.