What to do if you Suspect a Pipe has Frozen?

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February 12, 2016
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February 26, 2016

With the recent blizzards and colder weather, there is a probability that you may have a frozen pipe. Frozen pipes can cause serious harm to your home or business.  Not only can they cause water damage, but if the water is not removed properly, mold and structural damages. Disaster Cleanup Services is here to give you a rundown on what to do if you suspect you have a frozen pipe.

If you do have a frozen pipe, it is important that you keep a close eye on it. A frozen pipe can burst at any moment and leave you with a flooded home. Calling a disaster cleanup company is one option. The professionals know exactly how to unthaw your pipes and ensure they are not at risk of rupture.

  • During freezing temperatures, it is important to always leave a faucet running. The same goes for when you have a frozen pipe. As the runs, it will help to melt the ice.
  • Never use a blow torch, propane, or kerosene heater on your pipes. An open flame can cause the pipe to burst. 
  • It is also a good idea to heat the area the pipe is located. This is easily done with a portable heater.
  • If you cannot find the pipe or it is inaccessible, call a professional immediately. A professional will locate the frozen pipe using special equipment. From there, it can be monitored, as well as unthawed in a safe manner. 
  • It is important to never leave your home without heat during the winter. If you are going on vacation, leave the heat on. This can save you from having a frozen pipe and flood damage upon your return. 

These are all important tips and information for the colder weather that has been happening. The blizzards and snow storms can wreak havoc on your home. Do research and prepare your home before winter hits, this way you will have a stress free winter and not have to worry about frozen or broken pipes, and especially flood damages.