What To Do If You End Up With Frozen Pipes

Protecting Your Home in a Deep Freeze
December 28, 2014
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January 9, 2015

Maybe you forgot to winterize? Maybe you didn’t leave your heat on? Whatever the case, you now have frozen pipes. No thinking about the past, what do you do now? Disaster Cleanup Services has some tips to help alleviate any stress you may have from your frozen pipes.

  • How do you know if your pipes are frozen?

If you turn on a faucet and you get a trickle of water or no water at all, you have frozen pipes. These pipes will usually be located in exterior walls, attics or where the water enters your home.

  • Leave the faucet on.

As you work on the frozen pipes and the ice begins to melt, the water will begin to flow. By running water, it will help you melt the ice.

  • Apply Heat to the affected area. 

By applying heat from either a heating pad, hair dryer, or space heater you will begin to melt the ice. If you are in a flammable area, use towels dipped in hot water and wrapped around the pipes. Do not use kerosene, propane, or any other type of heater with an open flame. You could melt the pipe or do more damage than good.

  • Apply heat until you have a full running faucet.

If you cannot locate the frozen pipe, or it is inaccessible, call a professional like Disaster Cleanup Services. You don’t want to cause a pipe to break because you were not sure of something. It will end up costing you even more money.

  • Check all faucets inside and outside your home. 

If you have one frozen pipe, it is likely you have more. Check all faucets and then do the above steps over again. If you are able to unthaw your pipes, you will save money on flood damage and pipe repairs.

  • Next time be prepared.

Next time a deep freeze happens, make sure you are aware. It is also a great idea to winterize your home before winter hits!