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Pipes are known for bursting during the Winter. It is a common occurrence throughout the United States, but most people do not realize that pipes also burst in the Summer. While you may be on the lookout for Winter pipes bursting, it is important to be aware during the Summer as well. Broken pipes can cause major water damages to your property. Below we will discuss three reasons pipes burst during the warmer months.

The Heat

We all know it can be quite warm outside, but we luckily have our air conditioner to keep us cool on the inside, but what about our pipes. In areas with not a lot of rainfall, the Summer can be brutal. As the soil dries out, it becomes less compact, making it less of protection for your outdoor pipes. Your pipes can easily move around, which can cause damages. While you likely won’t have water damages inside your home, you could have a flooded basement from the broken pipes.

Water Demand

Older pipes can burst with overuse. The demand for water is higher during the warmer months. People are using sprinklers for their lawns, pools and water toys for children, and water to wash their cars. This extra load can cause pipes to fail. The best way to prevent this is to have your pipes checked regularly to ensure they are in good condition. Winter can cause your pipes to warp and become damaged.

Backed Up Pipes

Sewer backups tend to be more common during the Summer. The reason is that there are more people at home. With more usage, there is a greater chance for pipes to become clogged and back up. A sewage backup into your home is hazardous and can cause even more problems if a pipe bursts from the pressure. If you have a clogged pipe, call a plumber immediately.
As you can see, there are many different reasons your pipes could burst this Summer. It is important to be aware and check your basement and outdoor pipes regularly to ensure you do not have any water damage! If you do experience water damages, Disaster Cleanup Services is here for all your water damage restoration needs!