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Fires are always devastating. Even if you think you are prepared for a fire, it can still cause stress and devastation to you and your family. Fires happen for many reasons, but today we will discuss three causes of fires that occur in homes. Fires can usually be prevented with the proper knowledge and preparations. Below, we will give you some valuable knowledge to ensure you are prepared for fires in your home.


Cooking is one of the leading causes of fires in homes. We all cook daily, but all it takes is one mistake for a fire to occur—the best way to prevent a fire when cooking is to be aware and present. Never leave anything cooking on your stove. Grease fires can cause major damages and can happen within seconds. You should also keep your cooking area clean of debris and flammable items.


Heating is another common cause of fires in homes. Fireplaces and space heaters are two of the main culprits. Keep your fireplace clean and ensure any logs are secured. One large log can roll onto your floor and create a massive fire. Space heaters should be placed in areas that are free from drapes, rugs, and blankets. Never leave a fireplace or space heater alone.


Electrical fires can occur for different reasons. Two of the more common are damaged electrical cords and overloaded circuits. You should always check your electrical cords for damages. If it is damaged, do not try to repair it. Throw it away and purchase a replacement. Never plug too many things into one outlet. This can cause an overloaded circuit which could create a fire in your home.
If you have a fire on your property, it is best to contact a disaster cleanup company specializing in fire damage restoration. Fire damage restoration can help to restore your property and assist with insurance claims.