Rebuilding Your Life After A Fire

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September 25, 2014
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October 24, 2014

A fire is a devastating disaster. What happens after that fact? How do you move from such a dramatizing thing? Colorado Disaster Cleanup has some great tips on what to do after the fire trucks have gone and you are left to begin picking up your life.

  • Ensure the Fire has been put out my professionals and is safe.

Never go into a home that has not been cleared by a fire professional!

  • Call A Loved One

The first thing one should do is call your loved ones whether that is family or close friends and explain what happened. It is important to have emotional support in such a horrible time.

  • Next Call a Company such as Colorado Disaster Cleanup Services.

This is very important. A great cleanup company will be there to walk you through the process      by your hand and ensure you that everything is going to be okay.

  • Next Call your Insurance Company.

It is very important to start the ball rolling to ensure your claims will be hassle free.


A disaster cleanup company will come in with cameras and take pictures of everything so that it can be reported back to your insurance company. A good disaster cleanup company will even help you report all the fire damages and the services that are needed to save your valuables.

  • Determine which items you want to salvage.

Colorado Disaster Cleanup Services will help you in returning many of your valuables to their pre-fire condition. That is our job. We will be out quickly to remove items so that more soot and debris will not further damage your prized possessions.

It is very important that you call a disaster cleanup company that will be out quickly to assess the damage and start recovery. Many companies will wait till the next day. Contact Colorado Disaster Cleanup Services and we will be out quickly to your Denver home or office. We are on-call 24/7 to help in your time of need. If a fire has occurred at your Colorado home or office, act fast!