Roof, Basement, and Attic Checks- The Importance!

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There are three areas of your home that are usually overlooked. Your roof, basement, and attic can have damages that are not found for months. This can lead to widespread damages to your property. The most common damages we see in these areas are water damages. If water is left for too long, it can cause rot and mold to grow. If you have significant damages, the cost will be high. The best way to counteract these types of damages is by checking your roof, basement, and attic on a regular basis.


No one really pays mind to their roof. You see it when you leave and come home from work, but no one physically takes the time to check their roof. This is a huge oversight, as a minor damage to your roof can cause costly water damages to your property. A missing or broken shingle is one of the main causes of water damages in homes. It is easy to miss a lost or damaged shingle, and you often won’t notice the water damages until you see water or mold stains on your ceiling.


Basements are often used for storage or washers and dryers. We only use our basements when we absolutely need to. Without frequent checks, water could be sitting in your basement for weeks or even months. This can cause significant structural damages. Rot and mold, along with damaged items, are the likely result. By checking your basement weekly, you have a better chance of catching any water damages. Another way to save yourself from water damages is by installing a sump pump. This will pump out any water that does enter your basement.


Attics is another area that may be used for storage or nothing at all. These types of areas are not checked. Attics are probably the least looked at place in your home. The bad news is, most roof leaks can be spotted in your attic first. If you check your attic frequently, you will notice any leaks before damages occur. If you don’t check your attic and there is a leak, you wont realize it till you see water stains or bulging in your ceiling. This will also be quickly followed by mold stains.

The best way to prevent any of the above water damages is by checking your attic, basement, and roof on a regular basis. A swift look around could save you a lot of money on water, mold, and structure damages in the future!