Is The Exterior Of Your Home Ready For The Fall Weather?

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The exterior of your home is what protects you from the outdoor elements. It keeps you warm and dry from the sleet, snow, and rain. If the exterior of your home is damaged, it can cause interior problems to occur. Before Fall arrives, it is a good idea to check for any problems. You should check the interior and exterior of your property with the change of each season.

Roof and Gutter Checks

Your roof is one of the most vital areas to check. If you have a missing or broken shingle, you risk water damages to the interior of your home. You also should check that the structure of your roof is in good shape, as sleet and snow can become heavy, which could cause more damages. If your roof looks damaged, have it repaired as soon as possible. Your gutters should be cleaned of all debris. Debris in your gutters can cause water damages and even ice dams to occur.

Pipe Checks

If you have unprotected pipes on your property, it is important that they are protected. Colder weather can weaken pipes, causing them to splinter and burst. You may also end up with frozen pipe lines. Both problems can cause water damages and possible mold growth.

Window and Siding Checks

Always check that your windows are sealed and in good shape. You never want ice, rain, snow, or cold air to enter through cracks in your window. If you have damages to your siding, it could result in water damages to the interior of your home. Repair any damages to ensure you do not have water damages this Fall.

Tree Checks

If you have dead branches or trees, now is the time to remove them from your property. A severe storm can cause dead trees to fall, which could result in damages to your home and property. If you have low limbs above your roof, have them trimmed. You never want a heavy limb to fall and damage your roof.

If you do have water damages to your property, contact a disaster cleanup company immediately. Water damages are an emergency and can quickly cause lasting damages to your home.