Burst Pipes and Water Damages
January 13, 2017
The Importance of Thermal Imaging in Water Damage Scenarios
February 1, 2017

Winter precipitation is a regular part of winter. However, excessive amounts of winter precipitation may cause sewer backups. Damages to your home from sewage could cost you thousands of dollars. Sewage isn’t just normal water damage. Sewage has bacteria and other dangerous substances that should only be handled by a professional. If you have experienced any type of sewage backup, give Disaster Cleanup Services a call. Never try to remove sewage yourself. Proper sewage removal requires specialized equipment and licenses. It is important to remove your family from the area and allow the professionals to handle the cleanup.

Ways to Avoid Sewage Backup 

There are many ways to avoid sewage backup from exorbitant amounts of precipitation. Most solutions to sewage backup involve your basement. Others are as simple as cleaning your water drainage areas and having proper upkeep on your home. Below are simple ways to stop sewage backup and safeguard your home from sewage this winter!

  • Check your Basement Regularly
  • Be aware of the Weather and Your Home
  • Install a Sump Pump
  • Install a Backflow Valve 
  • Adding a Slope Near your Foundation for Water to Runoff
  • Clean and Check Your Downspouts and Eaves

What to do if You are Experiencing Sewage Problems

If you already have sewage backup, it is imperative that you keep everyone away. Sewage backup contains bacteria and viruses that are a health risk. You should never attempt to remove sewage yourself. The risk is too high and there are chances that you will not remove all the danger. If you have a cut or other small abrasion, the bacteria can enter your body quickly. Disaster Cleanup Services has specialized equipment and suits to ensure safety when dealing with sewage. We also have the appropriate licenses to dispose of sewage, which is considered a biohazard. Your health and safety is important and should never be risked when it comes to a biohazard such as sewage.