Sewage Problems- Don’t Touch It!

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September 28, 2017
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October 20, 2017

Sewage happens. It happens unexpectedly and is usually a huge stinky mess. Sewage is also dangerous. It should only be cleaned and removed by a professional cleanup company. This means no trying to remove the sewage yourself. Plus, who wants to play in bacteria filled water? Disaster Cleanup Services gives you some information on what to do if sewage is inside or around your home.  

Don’t Touch the Sewage

Never touch sewage! It contains bacteria. Bacteria and other microbes in sewage can make you very ill. If you arrive home to this hazardous substance inside or outside your home, stop everything and remove yourself and your family as quickly as possible. Ensure that children and pets remain away from the area. Block off all affected spaces so that it is inaccessible, if possible.

Remove Your Family

Sewage is harmful to both humans and pets. If you have a sewage emergency, it is important that your family is removed from the area. Once you and your family are safe, call a professional sewage remove company. They will be able to handle the sewage safely. 

Seek Professional Help Immediately

By seeking professional help, you are ensuring the safety of everyone around you. Sewage should not be left for long periods of time as it can seep into your floors and the ground, causing even bigger problems. A professional sewage remove company has special suits and equipment to clean, remove, and dispose of the sewage safely. It is important that the root of the problem is found and repaired. If not, the sewage will continue to enter your home. 

If you have sewage inside your home, don’t hesitate to call a professional. Sewage will not just go away. It is also not feasible to completely remove the sewage from your home without certain tools. Once sewage is removed, cleansing and deodorizing agents will be used to ensure the harmful bacteria is gone and that your home smells great.