Spring Checklists for Your Home

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February 23, 2017
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March 10, 2017

After winter, your home needs to be checked and maintained. A hard winter can wreak havoc on your home. Spring isn’t just about cleaning. Disaster Cleanup Services has a checklist for you so that you can avoid some of the disasters we deal with each day. From floods to fires, our checklist will help you be more prepared to prevent a disaster.

  • Check Exterior Caulking

If your caulking is damaged, it could cause water to enter your home. The water may go between your walls and cause mold to grow. It can also cause structural damages if enough water enters your home. 

  • Check Downspouts and Gutters

By removing debris from your gutters, you are saving your roof. Water can become backed up and enter your roof area. This can cause leaks in your ceiling. 

  • Check Siding and Window Sills

Siding and window sills should be checked to ensure they are in good condition. You do not want rain to enter cracks in your window or siding. This can cause major structural damages and possible flooding.

  • Check your Hot Water Heater

If your water heater is damaged, it is important to have it fixed immediately. Hot water heaters can break and flood an entire home. To avoid flooding, have your hot water heater serviced seasonally. 

  • Check Roofing and Landscapes

Check your roof for missing shingles or dangerous tree limbs. Both can cause major water damage to your home. 

  • Check Sprinklers

Your sprinklers should be checked to ensure they are not leaking. If they are leaking, you could end up with backed up sewage

  • Check your Fire Alarms

It is important to check your fire alarms with the change of each season. A properly working fire alarm could save your life. 

  • Check Sump Pumps

If you have a sump pump, make sure it is working properly. If not, you could return home to a flooded basement. This could cause mold and structural damages.