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February 17, 2017
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Mold can be anywhere in your home. Even if it is not visible, mold can be lurking in dark and damp areas. Disaster Cleanup Services has some tips to discovering mold. If you find mold in your home, call a certified mold remediation professional. Mold is dangerous and should only be handled by professionals with the proper equipment, cleaning agents, and suits.  Below are some tips to let you know if you need to call a professional mold remediation company. 


If you smell a mildew, musty, or moldy smell. It is very likely you have mold in your home. 

Stains or Visible Growth

If you see water stains or mold growth, you already have a large mold problem. Mold growth can range in colors such as:

    • White
    • Black
    • Gray
    • Green
    • Yellow

These are all dangerous. You should be in contact with a mold removal specialist immediately, as mold is very hazardous to your well-being. 

Indoor Leaks or Flooding

If you have recently experienced a water leak or flooding, it is likely you will have mold if it is already not present. Mold rapidly spreads throughout your home and should be taken care of quickly. 

Prolonged Allergies

If you have been experiencing allergies that have lasted for a long time, it could be because of mold. Mold can grow out of control without you ever knowing. It can travel through your HVAC system, causing allergies to everyone in its path. 

Above are all things to check for when looking for mold. If you do spot mold in your home or think you have mold, call a professional immediately. The longer you wait, the more mold will grow and cause problems to your home and your health. Mold not only causes severe allergies, but it can also destroy the structural integrity of your home.