Sewage Problems and Your Home
March 27, 2019
Spring Interior Home Checklists
April 11, 2019

Spring is here and with it comes Spring cleaning and maintenance. It is important to check your home at the beginning of each season, as damages can happen over the course of a hard winter. Below Disaster Cleanup Services will discuss five key places you should check to prevent disasters in your home.


Over the winter your roof is subjected to the elements. During this time, it can become damaged. Missing shingles and leaks are common. You should check your roof to ensure it is not missing shingles and is in overall good shape. If you are missing shingles, replace them, as it will cause leaks in the future.


Gutters can become broken or clogged during the winter. This can cause water to become trapped and eventually seep into the walls. Clean your gutters and ensure they are in good working order.

Sewage System

With snow melt can come sewage problems. Keep an eye on your sewage system to ensure it is functioning properly. If it isn’t, call a professional to repair that problem. Sewage water can carry viruses and bacteria.


After a hard winter, your trees limbs can become damaged. If you have damaged limbs, have them checked and removed by a certified tree removal service. Broken limbs can cause major damages to your roof and exterior of your property.


Your foundation can crack, or slab leaks can occur. A simple check of your foundations could save you a lot of money in damages later on.
Checking the exterior of your home can ensure the exterior and interior are protected from any unwanted disasters. If you do experience a disaster is crucial that you call a professional such as Disaster Cleanup Services.