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July 27, 2017
The Importance of 24/7 Disaster Cleanup
August 11, 2017

Storms bring with them wind, hail, rain, and tornadoes. These can inflict chaos on your home. Colorado Disaster Cleanup Up Services has the information you need to be prepared for a disaster. No one wants to think about a severe storm damaging their home, but it is important to be prepared. Below are a few problems that can arise during a storm. 

Roof Damages

Your roof is meant to protect you and your family from the elements. However, your roof can become damaged. Most roof damages come from strong winds. Strong winds can cause your shingles to break and limbs to fall on to your home. Missing shingles can cause water to leak into your home. With water comes damages. A large limb can make a wide hole in your ceiling, allowing a lot of water to pour in. Water damages must be handled quickly. This is to ensure your home can be returned to its normal state.

Flash Flooding

Severe storms can cause flash flooding. Even areas not prone to flooding can flood during a flash flood. Once you are safe, you will begin to worry about the state of your home. Flash flooding can cause extensive water damages. Water will need to be pumped out and the area will need to be dried. It is important to call a professional disaster cleanup company during this time. They will be able to complete water damage restoration on your home. 

Hail Damages

Large hail can cause major damages to a home. Many people only worry about their vehicle during a hail storm. Hail not only can break windows, but it can damage your roof and siding. If hail does break windows or cause a hole in your roof, you will have water damages. Call a professional water restoration company immediately. Hail damages can lead to mold and structural damages, if not handled properly.