5 Fire Precautions Every Homeowner Should Know

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January 30, 2015
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February 23, 2015

Fires are scary, there is no reason not to admit that. However, with the proper precautions and preparation, it can be a lot better. Every home should have a fire preparation plan, this could be the line between life and death. Disaster Cleanup Services wants you safe in the case of a fire and below are 5 tips to help you!

  • Have an evacuation plan and practice. 

Each member of the home should know what to do if a fire takes place. It is not enough just to talk the plan over, it is important to practice the plan. The plan should be practiced with the family does not know it is going to happen, this way you will see how they react to the situation and you can tweak your plan to accommodate these things.

  • Make sure your fire alarms are tested.

Always test your fire alarms on a regular basis. You should also ensure that you have fire alarms in all areas of your home. This is very important and could save a life.

  • Have stickers on your windows stating how many children, pets, and elderly members are in your home.

This is important for firefighters. They look for these stickers and know then how many people are in the home and how they should go about saving them.

  • Make sure your Fire Extinguishers are in working order.

Every home should have fire extinguishers in their homes. It can be a life saver. One in each room would be a great idea and everyone should understand how to use them properly.

  • Make sure you have swing over ladders if you live in a two story home.

This is very important in case of a fire. If the bottom of your home is on fire, you will be able to throw these ladders over and climb to safety. If you do have a two story home, it is very important to practice this type of escape route to ensure everyone is on the same page.

After a fire you are devastated, but don’t worry, give a disaster cleanup service a call to help you begin to rebuild your life. They will help with fire remediation and restoration as well as those annoying insurance claims!