Things To Check After A Winter Storm

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February 10, 2015
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March 6, 2015

Winter storms can be devastating to your home if you have not prepared for them properly. Sometimes, even if you have prepared things can go wrong. If you have recently gone through a tough winter storm, we have some things you should check to make sure nothing is damaged inside and outside your home.

  • Make sure your pipes are not frozen

Turn your water on and see if you have water and normal water pressure. If so, you are lucky and your pipes are not frozen. If you do not have water or your water pressure is below what it should be, you probably have a frozen or broken pipe. If this happens it is important to call a professional to check on your pipes. You don’t want a flooded basement or home. If it does happen call a disaster cleanup service to help. You won’t regret it.

  • Check your roof and attic

This is especially important if you have had a lot of heavy snow on your roof. The weight from the snow can cause your roof to cave in and once the snow starts to melt, it could cause you to have a serious leak on your hands. It is important to check these things to make sure your attic has not started to cave in or that you have a leak.

  • Check to make sure you do not have any downed power lines or trees on your property.

Downed trees from the weight of snow and ice can cause problems to your home as well as your power lines if hit. If you have a power line down, do not go near it and call your power company. If you have a downed tree on your home, make sure everyone is safe and call a disaster cleanup service. They will be out quickly to make sure no more damage is done to your home.

  • Check your Windows

If ice or snow forms on your windows it could cause you to have a broken window. This will cause cold air as well as other elements to enter your home. So it is always a good idea to take a quick look around to make sure your windows are all good and not cracked. A cracked window is dangerous and should be fixed immediately.