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December 14, 2016
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December 30, 2016

Checking your attic and basement never seems important until you experience water damages or mold. You go up to your attic to find decorations or other items: the same goes for your basement. It is the forgotten area of your home. Unfortunately, being forgotten can have its downfalls. Your basement and attic could have water damages that you didn’t even know about. Disaster Cleanup Services wants to prevent you from needing water damage restoration services. Below are a few things you should often do to ensure your attic and basement are in good shape.

Check your Attic for Leaks or Cracks

You should check your attic every month to ensure there are no leaks or cracks. Either of these things could lead to major structural damages. Cracks can become bigger without much notice. It is also important to handle any leaks as soon as you see them. Attics are the perfect breeding ground for mold. You not only could have water damages, but you may have mold as well.

Check your Basement for Any Holes or Leaks

Checking your basement should be on your regular home maintenance list. Any holes or leaks should be taken care of immediately. If you wait, you could end up with small wildlife in your basement as well as water damages and mold. Water damages that aren’t handled quickly could cause major structural problems.

Make sure your Sump Pump is Working Properly

If you don’t have a water pump installed in your basement now is the time. It is important to have a properly running pump in your basement. Basements are known to flood during heavy rains or from appliance failures. The best way to protect your basement is a decent sump pump. These pumps will remove the water quickly from your basement, and many will alert you of a problem.