Colder Temps and Your Home- Things to Know

The Aftermath Of Snow Storms and Flooding
December 22, 2015
Sewage Clean up During Winter Months
January 15, 2016

Winter is here and with it comes cold temperatures and lots of snow. Most people think they are prepared, but are you sure? Disaster Cleanup Services wants to ensure you are so that we don’t get a call for a winter disaster. Below are a few things to keep your home or business safe during the winter.

Never Leave Your Water Hose Connected

It is important that you do not leave your water hose connected during the winter months. It can cause your water outlet to become frozen and leak. If this happens, your exterior and interior could be in for some water damage. It is important that your outdoor water valve is also winter proof.

Keep Your Thermostat Set When Not Home

If you are away on business or just during the day, it is important that you keep your heat going. It should run at a minimum of 55 degrees. Your heat helps to warm up your pipes. If it is very cold, your pipes could freeze and burst.

Let Cold Water Trickle From Faucets.

This is important when the temperatures really dip below normal. Allowing water to run through your pipes prevents pipes from becoming frozen.

Check your Home

Always check your home or business before winter hits. This way you know if you might have any problems. Are all exposed pipes winter proof? Is your roof in good shape? Is your sump pump clear of any snow and debris? Checking your attic and basement is also very important to ensure you have no leaks. Also, make sure your windows and other areas are winterized.

These are just a few tips to get you through the winter without any water damage. If you do happen to get water damage make sure to call a professional disaster clean up service to handle the mess for you.  A good disaster clean up service will handle everything for you as well as any insurance claims if needed.