Sewage Clean up During Winter Months

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January 5, 2016
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January 25, 2016

Winter time and the holidays is supposed to be about family and celebrations, not sewage spills. Septic systems can freeze or backup and this can cause problems for everyone involved. If this does happen to you, don’t stress. Disaster Cleanup Services will clean up and dispose of the waste quickly and efficiently. Some reasons your septic tank might backup or spill are listed below.

  • Lack of Snow

It sounds crazy, but snow actually acts as an insulator. If there is no snow on the ground, frost will go deeper and could affect your tanks.

  • Irregular Use

This is common during the holidays when family is out of town for the weekend. When not in use, it has a higher chance of freezing.

  • Water Logged

Snow turns into water as it melts and this can really affect your sewage. It can cause a backup of your tank and leave you with a mess.

Before winter hits, you should check the area where your septic tank runs to make sure it is properly covered and not exposed to the elements. If your septic tank does freeze, it is important to call a professional to come out immediately. Sewage is hazardous to your health and must be disposed of by a certified professional. If you experience a sewage backup do not hesitate to call. This is a problem that will need fast attention to correct. If left unattended you could end up with sewage in your home or business.

A few ways to prevent freezing include:

  • Place an area of mulch over your pipes, soil, and tank. This will add some extra protection during the winter months.
  • Add more insulation to your system. This could be by replacing regular pipe with insulated and adding Styrofoam over your tank.
  • Let the grass grow over your tank during late fall. This will help to provide more protection.
  • Do not let vehicles drive over your septic system.