Water Damages and Emergency Carpet Cleaning

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December 6, 2018
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December 19, 2018
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Water damages happen more frequently during the winter months. Frozen pipes and excess snow and ice is usually the reason, but what do you do when water has gotten into your carpet? A flooded home can send you into a stressful state. Luckily, Disaster Cleanup Services provides emergency carpet cleaning and water removal. Below we will discuss what to do in the event you need emergency carpet cleaning

What Should I Do First?

The first order of business is to ensure everyone is okay. Water can cause flooding in a very minimal amount of time. Once everyone is accounted for, you should call a disaster cleanup company. The longer water sits inside your home, the more damages it can cause. From mold to structural damages, water damages can be devastating. After calling a disaster cleanup company, you should remove any items that are not yet wet.

How Do You Clean My Carpets?

In some cases, your insurance company will pay for the damages. You will need to have photos and documentation of the damages. Your disaster cleanup company will be able to help you file claims. Once the water damage professional arrives, they will begin to remove the water from your home and carpets. This process can take some time. They will have large pumps and high-powered fans to ensure the water is completely removed. Once the water is removed, your carpets and furniture will need to be dried, cleaned, and deodorized. This process is crucial, as it will ensure all water is removed and that mold cannot grow. The process will also help to remove any stains that have occurred because of the flooding. While a water emergency can be devastating, your carpets and furniture should be easily returned to their normal shape.

It is crucial that you never try to remove water from your home or carpets. Water can seep under the carpets and into the walls where you cannot see. This water will end up causing structural damages, mold, and mildew.