Excess Precipitation and Your Home What Should You Know?

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Fall and Winter can bring a lot of precipitation. With that precipitation can come problems and damages to your home. Below, Disaster Cleanup Services will discuss some possible issues that can be a result of excessive rain and snow. With the cooler weather, it is smart to be prepared before it hits.


Severe storms can cause localized flooding. This can result in problems for your home, including flooding of your floor level and basements. Flooding can lead to significant water damages, structural issues, and mold growth. If you do experience any water damages, contact a disaster cleanup company as soon as possible.

Ice Dams

Ice dams occur when water freezes then melt and cant escape, so it refreezes. This is a continuous cycle that can cause leaks inside your home. Ice dams can cause water to seep into your walls, attic, and ceiling. Be aware of your roof and ensure any ice dams are removed before they cause significant problems.

Roof Damages

Excess precipitation can oftentimes be quite severe. With severe weather can come damages to your roof. This can happen from hail, winds, rain, and even tree limbs. Keep an eye on your roof to ensure it is not damaged. Loose shingles can cause leaks.

Sewage Problems

Excessive rain and snowmelt can cause exterior and interior sewage problems. If you happen to experience sewage problems due to extreme precipitation, call a disaster cleanup professional. Sewage can be dangerous, as it contains viruses and bacteria that are harmful to your health.

Above are some of the more common damages that can occur from excessive precipitation. Whether it is rain or snow, you should always be aware of and be prepared for any weather changes. Localized flooding can be dangerous. It is important to stay safe and call a disaster cleanup service if needed. Water damages can spread rapidly and should be cleaned as soon as possible.