Fire Damages and Restoration – What Should You Do?

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Exterior of a home after a fire

Winter weather is one of the more common times for fires to occur on your property. We all know to take steps to protect against fires, but what do you do if a fire does break out on your property. What should you do? The first thing you should do is to ensure everyone is safe. Once everyone is safe, and the fire department has cleared your property, you will need to begin the long fire cleanup and restoration process.

Fire Cleanup

Cleaning up after a fire may seem overwhelming and rightfully so. Fires can cause significant damages to your home. The first thing you should do is call a fire damage restoration company such as Disaster Cleanup Services. We specialize in fire cleanup and restoration. Never touch any items, as pictures will need to be taken for insurance claims. Leave this part up to the professionals. They will document everything and begin to clean up the damages from the fire. Fires usually also have water damages, from where the fire was extinguished. Luckily, fire restoration can be an option to restore your home.

Fire Restoration

Once the debris has been removed, fire restoration can take place. This is a lengthy process. Water and fire damaged areas will be replaced, and soot will be removed from items and your property. The property will be sanitized and cleaned with special agents to remove the smell of smoke and to prevent mold from growing. The professionals will work hard to restore your most valuable items and return your property to its original shape.
If you have experienced a fire to your home, contact a professional specializing in fire damage restoration. They know how stressful it is and will help you with insurance claims and to rebuild your life.