Fire Restoration and your Home – Can it be Saved?

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November 15, 2019
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December 4, 2019
Fire Damage in a Stairwell

Fires can be devastating to a family. Fires are always unexpected and can destroy your home within minutes. While fires can be very shocking to you and your family, many times, your home can be restored to its original form. Below we will discuss some ways we can help to restore your home after a fire.

Fire Restoration

Fire restoration can be beneficial in saving many of your precious belongings and returning your home to normal. If the fire is contained within a reasonable amount of time, many of your items could still be intact. They have water damage and soot and smoke. Luckily, these items can often be salvaged. The fire restoration process uses special cleaning agents to remove smoke and soot from your property. They can also remove the water and repair the water damaged areas.

If a fire has not destroyed your home or if the fire was contained to one room, your home can likely be restored. Most insurance companies offer fire restoration in their policies. If you are unsure, your disaster cleanup company can file a claim and find out. Fire restoration is a very lengthy process, but the wait is worth it if your home and items can be restored. With the proper equipment, we can restore furniture that has water and fire damages, as well as other items. If you have experienced a fire, give Disaster Cleanup Services a call. Even if you think your home has been destroyed, they can frequently help with fire restoration services.

Fire damages can be severe, but once cleared by the fire department, you should have a certified fire restoration company check your property. They will not only take pictures and file claims, they know what needs to be done for your insurance company. Never touch anything until you have contacted a fire restoration company.