Fireworks, Drier Weather and Summer Fire Hazards

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June 15, 2021
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Summer is full of festivities with family and friends, but fun times can end in disaster if the proper precautions are not taken. Fireworks are common this time of year, and if the weather is dry, it can lead to fires in homes. A fire from fireworks, firepits, and bonfires can quickly turn into a major disaster. Fires spread quickly and can rip throughout your property within minutes. No one wants a fire on their property, and luckily there are ways to prevent fires.

How Can I Prevent Fires To My Property?

The greatest way to prevent fires is through preparations. Are you paying attention to firepits, bonfires, and fireworks? Are you ensuring they are contained and safe? These can quickly grow out of hand. It is always intelligent to have a water hose and a fire extinguisher available and never light fires during times of drought. You can also prevent fires in your home by equipping fire alarms and fire extinguishers throughout the property. This can help to prevent fires from occurring. Barbecue grills are also a frequent origin of house fires when they are not correctly monitored and placed in an appropriate area. It is important that grills are not left unattended while they are being used.

What Should I Do If My Property is Victim To A Fire?

If you did have a fire on your property, it is important to wait for the fire department to clear your home for re-entry. Once the area has been cleared by fire personnel, you should call a fire restoration and cleanup company to ensure the property is cleaned and restored correctly. A disaster cleanup company will work with your insurance, all while removing debris from the home and restoring the property. Fire restoration can take time, and not all items can be saved, as it all depends on the number of fire damages.

If you have a fire disaster, contact a fire restoration company as soon as possible. They will be able to guide you in the right direction and ensure your insurance claims are completed. A fire disaster is a difficult time for everyone involved, and a certified fire restoration company can help alleviate the stress.