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July 25, 2020
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August 11, 2020
Home and landscape in summer

Summer is in full swing, with vacations, parties, and family gatherings. This puts your home maintenance at the back of your mind, which could cause disasters to occur. Below, Disaster Cleanup Services will give you a few things to check, to ensure your home stays safe all Summer long!


Checking your roof periodically for any missing shingles or damages can save you thousands of dollars in roofing repairs and water damages. A simple look at your roof, gutters, and structure allows you to spot any damages and have them repaired before more problems occur.


Basements and attics are one of the least checked places in homes. Most do not need to enter these areas often so that damages can go unnoticed for months at a time. Water damages are the most common disaster we see in basements and attics. Checking your basement and attic once a week can really help protect your property.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are an indispensable part of your home, as they alert you in the event a fire breaks out. You want to test your fire alarms and change batteries regularly to ensure they will work when needed.

Air Filter/HVAC System

HVAC systems are used all Summer long, but many forget to do regular maintenance on their systems. Changing your air filter not only improves the air in your home but can help with mold growth and ensure your HVAC system does not freeze up and cause water damages. Set a monthly reminder to check your air filter and follow through!

Once you make checking the above areas a habit, you will not forget to do so. A quick inspection of the above areas could save you a lot of stress and money, as fire and water damages lead to structural rot and mold growth, all of which can be quite costly and cause illnesses.